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Our Expertise

Civil Engineering

Our staff of Civil Engineers have completed the design and construction administration for numerous civil works projects across the Rockies. ALC’s licensed Professionals have successfully managed projects including reconstruction of urban streets and utilities, planned new roadway corridors and associated design, and developed site drainage plans for building, structures, and other facilities. Our Project Managers have worked on large rural water system plans and design serving communities, rural residents, and agriculture operations. ALC Engineers are experts in designing large storage water reservoirs and pits in exceeding 150 ac-ft.

ALC understands the regulatory hurdles that drive cost and schedule of projects. Our staff builds relationships with Regulatory Agencies including the Bureau of Land Management, Department of Environmental Quality, and the State Mineral, Land, and Engineering Offices for all projects. These relationships allow direct communication with efficient decision making when questions or issues require attention.

We would be excited to visit with you about our range of design and technical services we can offer, some of which are listed here.


Land Surveying

Accurate mapping is the foundation of any project, whether it involves location of existing physical features, ground topography, or determining elevation datum for a new project.  The collection of data to produce reliable mapping has been enhanced over the years with the advancements in electronic survey instrumentation and equipment.   

ALC staff of licensed surveyors, pilots, and technicians are trained in the use of current technological in Global Position Surveying (GPS), Total Stations, Scanners, and associated equipment to collect spatial  information.  The Surveyors, Engineers, and Technicians at ALC understand field data collection and the steps necessary to transfer the information into maps, models, and drawings that are true and accurate. Digital terrain models and feature maps required to plan, design, establish costs, and build projects are developed by ALC staff using this equipment. 

We provide surveying for clients include pipelines, production facilities, roadways and highways, topography maps, boundary descriptions and easements.  Specific types of surveys commonly requested from ALC include:

Energy Development Services

ALC has assisted numerous companies with engineering and surveying necessary for new drilling and production in basins along the Rocky Mountains. We provide location plats, drilling pad design, engineered road designs, facility layout maps, and reclamation designs meeting the criteria required for our clients to efficiently secure permit authorization from the Bureau of Land Management and State Oil and Gas Commissions. ALC staff is positioned near the Powder River Basin, DJ Basin, and Wasatch Basins in Wyoming and Colorado. Our crews are familiar with the surrounding landowners, terrain, monument locations, and local access in these basins. We provide the technical information necessary to secure permits the first time and in a timely manner. ALC has experience assisting clients with the development of natural resources in the areas including:

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